About Me

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    • Husband to the world’s most beautiful woman, father to three crazy kids, Navy Seabee Diver, writer, web designer, problem solver. I’ve been keeping pretty busy, and I’m just getting started.


      After growing up on a steady diet of science heroes like Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Jettero Heller, with a generous dash of Batman, Green Lantern and the Warlord well… a regular 9-5 desk job wasn’t going to cut it. I joined the Navy in 1994 and lead a life of great adventure, travelling to Alaska, Japan, Australia, Spain Chile, Singapore, Korea, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq and many other places. I’ve faced hurricanes, shipwrecks, and war. I like getting out there and I love a good challenge.


      I excelled in Math and Science in school, and that culminated in a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from NC State, a Masters in Coastal Engineering from UF and a Professional Engineer Registration from VA. In addition to this technical background, my time in the Navy taught me that problem solving involves a lot more than just number crunching. When it comes to dealing with unique problems, you need unique solutions and that involves a great deal of creative, outside the box thinking. I walk that path between the conventional and the outlandish in all of my endeavors, and the combination has proven to be pretty darn effective.


      There’s one thing in this world that I hold above all others. One thing that inspires me more than anything else. My family. You guys rock!